Roseland Cottage | Woodstock, CT c.1846

The Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut c.1846 is one of the last remaining and well-documented Gothic Revival cottages in the US.

Our Hidden Shoes

It was some weekend evening in May, 2013 and there was a terrible rainstorm, nor’easter something something. Just above my front door, the ceiling began to stain quickly. I didn’t want to deal with it. “Really? I gotta deal with a leak?”. I protested and ignored, protested and ignored. At the time it just seemed … Continue reading Our Hidden Shoes

Major John Bradford Homestead

If you’ve never taking a drive through Kingston, Massachusetts, put it on your list. It’s just plain gorgeous and so much of the original or antique infrastructure remains. There are so many well-kept houses from the original settlers it’s a wonder the town is not as popular a tourist destination as Plymouth (oops! sorry Kingstonites … Continue reading Major John Bradford Homestead

Quaker Friends Meetinghouse | Pembroke, Massachusetts c.1706

You may have noticed on the front page of this site, a very cool photo of two blue doors. The photo is taken of the front of the Quaker Friends Meetinghouse in Pembroke, Massachusetts. This house of worship is one of the oldest Quaker Meetinghouses in the United States. The Meetinghouse was built by Robert … Continue reading Quaker Friends Meetinghouse | Pembroke, Massachusetts c.1706